Matunda News – June 2008

Matunda news from Johanna Hemmingsson, Project Manager

Hey everybody,

I’ve been absent all the month of June. I came back to Peace Matunda last night after spending 4 weeks in Sweden and France (so I apologize if my English is worse than usual…). I’ve tried to get updated on everything that has been going on here, but with all the volunteers coming and going it’s hard to get a clear and coherent picture. All in all, it seems though as everything has been going smoothly. Luckily we’ve had very many volunteers here to help. At the moment, we have 8 volunteers, but totally in June, there have been 12 volunteers here, and 11 at once at the most. This off course has demanded a lot of changes.

We now have one more volunteer room with another 8 beds in it. So in total, we can now accommodate 16 people in the main house. This is also a part in the preparations for receiving a group of 20 people from New Zealand coming for a safari in September. We are also in the process of building toilets and showers in a separate house in the yard.

With so many volunteers here there have been many new and exciting activities going on. They have taken our kids from the orphanage to the nearby water falls a couple of times so they get to play in the water. They had a pizza night where they got take out pizza for everyone at the orphanage. They also made cookies together with the kids one day. Apparently the result wasn’t great, but everybody had a lot of fun… which is the most important. Huge “Thank You” to volunteers Kasey and Michael for taking so many great pictures while I’ve been gone.

Bad news is that the laundry machine broke and that the warrant isn’t valid anymore. Someone is coming up here in the next couple of days to fix it and hopefully it wont be too expensive. Until then, we will go back to hand washing.

Good news is that the baby class has been split into two groups. We now have a baby class with kids age 2-4 where they can do activities more appropriate to their age group. Then we have a preschool class where the children can do more advanced reading, writing and counting activities without being held back by the younger kids. Alex and Jastin, who had a lot of difficulties, have been placed in the preschool class instead of being in standard 1. In this way they will be able to catch up and hopefully soon be back in standard one.

Volunteers Kasey and Michael raised money to make sure that all the kids in he baby class each have their own back pack for school.

Other good news is that Magreth, Jesca and Nixon have finally been able to go to an eye doctor. Volunteers Bridget and Danny paid for this. Their eyes are much better now and Jesca and Magreth are getting glasses. Nixon is having another check up soon to see if he needs it as well.

The greatest news this month is that we have finally raised the money to finish the orphanage buildings! Thanks to Craig Spear, Andy Rosenhek, Tawny Hutchings and everyone donating on we have been able to raise over 12,000 us$. I really want to thank everyone who has been participating in this being possible! It is such amazing news that the children will soon get their own home.

Lori Beckstead is still working on the website. So far everything looks really good and it will probably be done in a month or so.


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