A Volunteer’s Day

Describing my day… You usually wake up to the sound of a rooster. The first few days you are seriously thinking about just how to make him “disappear”, but after a while he becomes your friend and you wake up with a smile on your face. Then you sit down by the breakfast table and discuss politics and other serious matters with the other volunteers… or something in that direction 🙂 School starts at 8:30 and is finished by 12:30. It is nothing hardcore; you pretty much try to teach them something they don’t know. After school you have a lot of options. You can go to Arusha to use the internet or just to hang out. You meet a lot of interesting people there, believe me. You can also walk up to an amazing waterfall or even just sunbath on the roof. Playing with the kids is always a fun option too! All I can say is my experience has been wonderful. Watching the moon and the stars at night, hearing the monkeys in the trees talk to each other… I love it! It is like hitting the “reset” button on yourself and discover what it is you want out of all this. As long as you come here with an open mind, you will be welcomed with open arms, I promise. 

— Mackenzie, from Iceland, has been volunteering at Peace Matunda since mid August.

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