Doris moving in

A series of unfortunate events brought Magreth and her sister Doris back together. Since over a year back, they have been living at separate orphanages; Magreth at Peace Matunda and Doris at Mama Nora’s Orphanage. The other day, after learning about a tragedy in Magreth’s family, we took her to visit her grand-father. Since he lives nearby Mama Nora’s orphanage, we stopped by so that Doris and Magreth could meet. They hadn’t seen each other since September 2007. It was a very happy reunion and a lot of tears were shed, so when Magreth asked me if Doris could come with us to Peace Matunda it was impossible to say no. Mama Nora didn’t oppose to the idea since she hasn’t had the funds to school Doris. Doris is only one year older than Magreth, so they are now studying and living together at Peace Matunda. We are all very happy about how things turned out!

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  1. What a wonderful thing for the two sisters!!!! I am sooooo happy for Maggie to reunite with her sister. A big hug for Peace Matunda for taking in Doris.


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