Amani House – Karibuni Sana!

Dear All,

We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new children’s home – Amani House. Please take a look at the photographs to see what has been done in the amazingly short time of August – December! No ‘pole pole’ attitude on this project!

We are very pleased with the end result as are the children. Lucy returns to the UK on Monday in completion of her role as Project Coordinator. She wishes everyone well and a big ASANTE SANA to everyone who helped with the Kilimanjaro climb that raised so much money for the building project (more than anyone expected!) and also all of the Square Roots donors – amazing achievement!

In total the Kilimanjaro climb raised over $85’000 and the Square Roots 2010 project over $15’000!! Thank you to everyone who helped us. It wouldn’t have been possible with you all.

More photos on our facebook site and Lucy’s blog –

Enjoy the photographs!


Main outside mural


The playroom
The bao board in the playroom
Poem on the playroom wall
Bao board in playroom (traditional African game)
Main Entrance
Lucy painting the murals
Dining room
Tinga Tinga mural on entrance
Mural in dining room
I"m going to London... baby!

Little one's room

Mery in the older girl's room

Girl's room mural

Mural in playroom
Playroom mural
Book rack and lighting in kitenge fabric

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