2012 so far…

The first few months of 2012 at the base of Mount Meru have flown by! Peace Matunda Pre and Primary school is delighted to have a new baby class of 31 students bringing our total school population to 212. Thanks to a generous donation from Specific Media and the Cicely foundation in the UK we have been able to complete the construction of the classrooms for Standards 5,6, and 7 that started last year with help from the New International School of Thailand. The final construction has been progressing well with plans to be finished around the end of May, thank you Specific Media!











We have introduced a new lunch program for the school pupils. Lots of fundraising and hard work from previous volunteers has financed the start up costs of the program but we are still looking for sponsors to assist with the monthly support of the program. The children will have Makande (maize and beans) with vegetables everyday cooked by Mama Onesmo who has 2 children at Peace Matunda as well as two bananas each at break from Mama Monique.

We have hired several new teachers for the school, please see the Staff page for their information. The new Peace Matunda Library has also recently been finished. Each class will now have a supervised silent reading period in the library! Thank you to everyone who has donated books and to the NIST students for organizing the library.

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