New Girls Dormitory

The construction of another dormitory came to us as a shock!!! Since last year the government has been pressurizing the Director, “Kaaya” about constructing another dormitory for the girls. According to the Tanzanian government laws for Orphanage Centers, when children reach the age of ten years and above both the girls and boys have to be separated. They  are not supposed to be in the same building even if they are in different rooms. The government has now  given us a deadline upto next year April 2014 to have completed the construction. So we are asking for well wishers to support us to make this dream come true.

This year we got clients who did Safaris in different National Parks with our umbrella company, Matunda Cultural Tourism and Safaris Tanzania Ltd. We would like to thank them so much because they enabled us to commence and finish the foundation of the dormitory house with the profit that we got. The remaining cost to finish the project is $28, 350. We are hoping to raise the remaining funds through fundraising and donations. If you would like to make a contribution please email for more information.





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