Fundraising Campaign

Since we opened school in 2005 it has been growing steadily so that by now we are a full Pre and Primary School and we will celebrate the first graduation of Standard Seven (27/09/2014). Our deepest gratitude goes to everyone showing us love and support during these years of great development!
But as the school grows it becomes more difficult to cover all costs especially for the teachers (salaries, lunch, stationary) and    these days we are really struggling to get enough money for the coming months.

We are responsible for our childrens future and education is important for them to fight against poverty an lift up themselves and their families life. Therefore we rely on our teachers , without them we couldn’t  provide our children with high-quality education

PLEASE visit our fund raising website:

We will be grateful for every little donation which helps us to cover our expenses and continue with our mission.

PLEASE spread the word and help us to make this fund raising campaign successful, so that we don’t have to worry about our teachers salaries for the next months.

Thank you all for your love and support in advance!

Your Peace Matunda Team.


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