Making a Donation

When donating to Peace Matunda we can guarantee you that every penny you give will go directly into the project!

Our 3 Funds

Rafiki Fund – Child and Teacher Sponsorship

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If you would like to donate on a regular basis why not consider sponsoring one of our resident children, a Peace Matunda School child, or one of our teachers? 


Tibu Fund – Medical Support

Our medical fund is to support common chronic ailments such as ringworm, through to more serious conditions such as those resulting from the crippling HIV for both members of our community and Peace Matunda.

Matunda Fund – School and Orphanage Support

 library1All of our management at Peace Matunda are voluntary so our operational costs include: teacher wages and school administrators, security, orphanage matrons, food for the school and orphanage (volunteer food is covered in their programme fees), gas, electricity, transportation, communications, and general sundries such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. If you wish to stipulate how your donation should be spent, please just let us know! As a non-profit organisation we depend donations to stay afloat. We also have plenty of items that we would be very grateful for your help in purchasing in our ‘wish list’.

Supporting us financially through one of our three funds is a great way to ensure the future of our project. If you would like to know more about where our funding comes from, please visit our funding page.


**To donate to one of our 3 funds, please click HERE!**


If you want to help send a Peace Matunda child to secondary school – please visit Peace by Piece, an organisation founded by a former Peace Matunda volunteer!

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