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Thank you for stopping by our wishlist!

People visiting often ask us what they can bring to help. Below are some suggestions of items that can be hard for us to get in Tanzania.

  • First-Aid supplies (plasters, Paracetamol) 
  • Pencils, pens, erasers, and workbooks
  • Permanent markers and whiteboard markers
  • Calculators
  • Educational DVDs (in English)
  • Musical instruments (e.g. recorders, keyboard, symbols, triangle…)
  • Games appropriate for children ages 5-10 (e.g. Uno cards, Twister, Junior Monopoly, Soccer balls, puzzles etc.)
  • Children’s aprons
  • USB/flash/jump drives

Some people also ask us what they can send. Putting your faith in the postal service is a trusting act in any country, but when sending to Africa it can be all the more unknown! That is why we have included a few tips on how best to go about this:

Sending via regular post: This is OK but arrival times vary, but costs are lower than almost all other providers. Most businesses and residence have a ‘P.O. Box’ address so when a letter or parcel arrives it is delivered into our Arusha box and a note sent for us to collect it. This is the most cost effective but slowest option and timing can vary from one to several weeks.

Sending via DHL International courier service: This is a more costly option but a much quicker and safer. On the pro-forma slip we ask that you stipulate a small nominal amount in the value box – this is because items of high value (i.e. $20.00+) will require us to pay import tax on collection. This is something we can little afford even if we are dying to receive your generous gift!

Sending via FEDEX: This has proven itself to be the best option for us. It does have the expense of an international courier service for you but delivers much quicker and to our doorstep! Please remember to follow our tips on the stipulation of nominal value  in the pro-forma slip to avoid income tax problems.

NEXT Couriers: This is a local Arusha based international courier company (much like Fedex and DHL) but with much lower costs. If you wish to send something via them please contact us first so we can contact them for you. These are a trusted provider used by many businesses and know the African import/export system very well.

Asante Sana for your generosity!


If you’re interested in donating a large gift…

For those who’ve visited us at the project you know inconsistent the power supply can be! This is because the national power grid cannot supply enough power throughout the day to all households. Some countries have a power sharing system whereby power is supplied at certain times of the day. Here, the more remote you live, the less you’ll receive in the power supply and more often than not there will be power cuts that last all day or on a very low voltage making items like computers unusable. Of course there is also the matter of cost and the impact on the environment. Most of us know enough about the basics of solar power to understand that with the amount of sunlight that Tanzania has throughout the year, the harnessing of its power would be enough to keep a solar power system in work for 365 days of the year. To create a better sense of environmental awareness for the next generation of Meru, to cut operational costs and of course to maintain our growing operating systems within the school and orphanage, we are looking to install solar power at the project.

Item Description: 2 solar panels 160watts/solar charger controller model: Morning Star with LCD display 30amp/x2pc solar battery maintenance free 200ah/x15pc solar bulb (LED) 12 VCD 2 watts.

If you think you are able to help with this purchase, please contact the Project Coordinator at coordinator@peacematunda.org.

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