Rafiki Fund (Child &Teacher Sponsorship)

The Rafiki Fund is the sponsorship program that allows Peace Matunda to support both our resident children as well as the school for more than 200 day students and teachers. Sponsors help facilitate the education of local underprivileged children. As the first step to overcoming poverty, education gives these children the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to create change and achieve economic development for their communities and country.

The name ‘Rafiki’ has been taken from the Swahili word meaning friend and has been chosen as the essence of the program, helping to find a friend for a teacher or a child living in poverty and providing them with access to the most needed luxuries in the developing world, an education.  Sponsorship facilitates the education of these students that are so eager to learn.

There are three sponsorship options within the Rafiki Fund; the Amani House Sponsorship for our 23 resident children, the Student Sponsorship for the day pupils at Peace Matunda and the Teacher Sponsorship.


 School Sponsorship $25 USD per month
  • Contribution to teachers salaries
  • Snack and Lunch
  • Exercise books
  • Pencils, pens
  • Examination fees
  • Uniform
Amani House Sponsorship $150 USD per month


Teacher Sponsorship

$ 200 – 400 USD per month




  • School sponsorship
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • Meals
  • Electricity
  • Toys and Games
  • Post Peace Matunda contribution

  •  Teacher salaries
  • Snack and Lunch
  • Books
  • Pencils, Pens, Chalks
  • and other teaching materials


Sponsorship Details

The Rafiki Fund is not just about financial support but emotional support too. We encourage sponsors of Amani House, Students and Teachers to communicate with them through Peace Matunda’s e-mail address; rafiki@peacematunda.org that has been designed for communication between the children/teachers and international sponsors. In addition to voluntary communication Peace Matunda also sends school reports accompanied by letters and pictures from the children/teachers biannually.

Peace Matunda would not be able to provide facilities to local underprivileged children without the help of sponsors. To show our appreciation we invite sponsors to visit Peace Matunda and offer a free week of accommodation each year.

The Rafiki fund is managed under the coordination of the Education Coordinator and all responsibilities are under the management of Peace Matunda. There are various international charitable organizations that assist Peace Matunda in finding sponsors and facilitating some payments from sponsors within their respective countries. Sponsorship can be paid monthly or biannually directly to Peace Matunda or through one of our partner international charitable organization below.

Freundeskrels Peace Matunda Tansania (FPMT)- German.

Sponsorship can be paid monthly or biannually directly to Peace Matunda or through one of our partner international charitable organizations mentioned above.

There is no formal contract for the sponsorship so if personal circumstances dictate, you are allowed to cancel at any time, however, we ask that you try to give us 3 months notice if you are thinking about cancelling in order for us to find another sponsor.

Thank you for your interest in our sponsorship program, for further details please contact our administration.

Peace Matunda

Education Coordinator


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