Student Sponsorship

$25 USD per month per student

Sponsor a student at Peace Matunda School for as little as $25 per month! Your sponsorship supports contributions towards teacher’s salaries, as well as provides each child with exercise books, paper and pencils, as well as snacks and lunch each school day.

Our sponsorship program is unique to many others whereby school attendance comes first and sponsorship second. The Rafiki Fund strives to provide adequate resources for every child at Peace Matunda although some are in greater need than others. The fund is managed on a communal basis in order to ensure that resources are allocated as they are needed and no child is left behind.

Each year Peace Matunda welcomes thirty local children assessed on their need for financial support, over 50% of the children attending Peace Matunda school have been assessed as living within a poor environment determined by living conditions and level of disposable income for welfare provision. Many students come from small, one room, or unfinished homes and families that struggle to support adequate food, clothing and health care. Other children who attend Peace Matunda are from typical family environments within the area, mostly reliant on farming income to support an average family size of 5 or 6. We have created a priority sponsorship list for those children in the greatest need of financial support.

Secondary Scholarship Fund

The progress the government has made over the past decade to increase enrollment in primary school has only further exaggerated the few numbers of primary students who advance to secondary school. Secondary school costs upwards of $100 US per year, equivalent to one month’s average salary for rural Tanzanians.

The reality is that without help many of our students will not be enrolled in secondary schools once they finish Standard 7. This leaves the children with few options other to engage in small-scale business or subsistence farming like their parents.

Our optional Secondary Scholarship Fund allows sponsors to top up their sponsorship by $5 or $10 per month to contribute to secondary educations for the children at Peace Matunda. The secondary scholarship fund is a community account and will be allocated to assist those students who have strong academic performance but are unable to afford secondary school fees. Therefore your contribution to the secondary savings fund will not necessarily support your sponsored child through secondary school but be assigned carefully by Peace Matunda to a deserving student.

Below are just a few of our students who are still in need of sponsors.


Please e-mail if you are interested in sponsoring a child or see the Rafiki Fund page for more information on Child Sponsorship at Peace Matunda.

Thank you to the following sponsors who currently support our students:

Ann Beale sponsor of Pamela Lazaro

Hannah Docherty and the Bank of New York sponsor of Calvin Lameck

Dawn and Gary Bartlett sponsors of Oliver and Loveness Malaki

Janet Kelsey for sponsoring Vumilia Godson

Helen Robershaw for sponsoring Alex Elias

Johanna Hemmingson for sponsoring Regina Emmanuel

Nancy Marshall and Julie Justice for sponsoring Queen Edward


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