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Peace Matunda Teacher Sponsorship

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  1. General Information


Peace Matunda is dedicated to providing an education to local underprivileged children and differs from a regular Tanzanian government school in that our classes are capped at 30 students. Although we follow the Tanzanian curriculum, our school is taught as English medium rather than Swahili in order to ease the transition into English medium secondary school.

Peace Matunda School is committed to offering a holistic education, focusing on the mental, spiritual, physical and social faculties of a child. This type of education, we believe, will enable students to excel in academics and be responsible and self-reliant citizens.


Our mission is to:

  • …help achieve the millennium goal through educational opportunities in the Arusha area.
  • …create a sense of entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, project formulation,
    implementation and monitoring.
  • …create employment opportunities in the surrounding Arusha area.
  • …develop children’s talents and creativity.
  • …impart quality education proportional to national and international standards at an affordable cost.
  • …build a national identity: help the children impart and cherish the Tanzanian culture.


To reach these goals and to follow our mission as best as we can, we rely on good teachers. It’s a big challenge for us to find reliable qualified teachers, who can provide our students with high quality education, because as a non-profit organization we can’t afford high salaries and its hard to encourage them to support our mission and to work at our school even though we can’t provide them with the average teacher salary of Tanzania.


Due to this challenges we try to support our teachers in any possible way and established this teacher sponsorship program, through which we’ll be able to provide teacher salaries and even to increase the amount if we have enough sponsors.


The amount for a teacher sponsorship differs due to their qualification and position:

– up to $150/month for a lower class teacher with certificate

– up to $250/month for an upper class teacher with an advanced degree

  1. How the Sponsorship is used


Sponsorship of a teacher as mentioned above, is necessary to ensure them salaries as well as to provide them with teaching materials and lunch. Although our students would not receive quality education without the support of sponsors, our teachers would be employed at other English Medium Schools if they are not teaching at Peace Matunda. Your sponsorship will be used to aid not only your sponsored teacher’s but also other teachers. It would be impossible to fund one teacher and not others, as long as we don’t have sponsors for everyone. Therefore, you are directly contributing to the working environment of all teachers as well as to the education of all children whilst your sponsored teacher is with us at Peace Matunda.

The sponsorship is managed on a communal basis in order to ensure that resources are allocated as they are needed and no teacher is left behind.


  1. What the sponsors receive in return


The Rafiki Fund (now including the teacher sponsorship next to the child sponsorship) is not just about financial support but emotional support, too.  We encourage sponsors of both Students and Teachers to communicate with them through Peace Matunda’s e-mail address: rafiki@peacematunda.org  that has been designed for communication between the children, teachers and international sponsors. In addition to voluntary communication the sponsors will receive biannually updates about the sponsored teacher. Please be aware that direct communication between teachers and sponsors is not allowed as our policy keeps all your/our details confidential at all times to prevent inconveniences and to protect both our teachers and our sponsors.


Peace Matunda would not be able to provide facilities and high quality education to local underprivileged children without the help of sponsors.  To show our appreciation we invite sponsors to visit Peace Matunda and offer a free week of accommodation each year.

We strive to provide you with the following communication in return for your generous support:

  • An email confirming your sponsorship contract.
  • A picture of your sponsored teacher along with a letter from him/her.
  • A biannual email from Peace Matunda and the teacher.
  • The Peace Matunda monthly newsletter via email.
  • A week’s free accommodation with us at Peace Matunda each year.


We encourage sponsors to send out as many letters, photographs and other items as much as they like. All correspondence and presents will be given specifically to the sponsored teacher.


We hope that you decide to sponsor your teacher preferably for at least 2 years, however, we understand that sometimes financial circumstances around the world change and therefore it is necessary to rethink one’s financial commitments.

Therefore, if you do wish to cancel your teacher sponsorship donation, please let us know at least three months in advance. We budget for the following month based on the whole income we get for the school and orphanage project, therefore, if we don’t receive the funds we will be at a loss.


For further details or specific questions please contact our administration.

Peace Matunda School and Orphanage

P.O. Box 1238

Arusha – Tanzania


Tel: +255 787 935997 / +255 787 482 966

E-Mail: rafiki@peacematunda.org

Website: http://www.peacematunda.org

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