Tibu Fund (Medical Support)

The Tibu fund is our medical branch of the project, supporting healthcare within the local community and of course for the children within our care at the orphanage and school. National healthcare within Tanzania is only free under the age of five years old and as a result of the financial strain that many families face during their daily lives, even a minor condition such as ringworm can go untreated.

Tibu in Swahili means to ‘heal’ and although some conditions unfortunately can never be cured we will always strive to provide a free healthcare fund to those most in need of our support. We can only offer this service however, through the kind and generous donations of our supporters. Please read the below cases which have been treated through donations to this fund.

If you can help in any way either monthly or as a one off donation please contact the project coordinator. Healthcare, like education, is a luxury few families can afford. Only through your continued support will we be able to help provide families and individuals with the care they deserve.

If you’re interested in donating to this fund, please contact the project coordinator: coordinator@peacematunda.org

Emmanuel is a day pupil of the school in class one. He is also on the waiting list for accommodation with us (you can read his story under the Rafiki page of this site). Emmanuel suffers from an aggressive and chronic eye condition. We were able to help Emmanuel through a generous donation in 2010. Since then we have been able to seek medical help from a visiting expert consultant in Arusha.

Nickson is a pupil of ours in class three and is also on the waiting list for accommodation with us. Nickson also suffers from a chronic eye condition which we have been able to treat through a generous donation to the Tibu fund.

Pamela is a day school pupil of ours and is on the waiting list for accommodation. Pamela's case is like many children's in East Africa. Following the death of her parents from AIDS Pamela continues to suffer ill health. Pamela is sponsored as of 2011 which has allowed us to manager her medication, provide her with meals and extra nutrition as well as new clothes, blankets for her and her grandmother and of course, lots and lots of love and attention!

Negishome Mollel is a young Maasai girl who was bitten by a potentially lethal puff adder snake out in the desert plains of her village. Eight months pregant, Negishome would have died without receiving medical care either through poisoning or through infection of the wound. The Tibu Fund provided the finances to drive out into the desert to take her to the snake park hospital situated in Arusha and have an x-ray to determine how to treat her condition. Thanks to your help she now has a beautiful baby girl called Lucy and both mother and baby are doing well.

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