Karibu to the Peace Matunda picture gallery! Take a look through our images of local faces and places to remind you of past times at Peace Matunda, or perhaps they’ll tempt you to make that first trip here….The purpose of the gallery is to offer you a glimpse into just how beautiful life is here in Tanzania





014                                                                    .Mercy Alex


Dickson Malaki

P1230974 - Kopie

Brains at work

P1230220 - Kopie

Talent show


School Assembly


Secondary School kids 2015.

Lake Manyara: Manyara National Park

Maasai Boy

Nothing to Smile About

Dorice in Headscarf

Steven Kaaya (youngest son of Kaaya and Joyce)

Local Boy Collecting Grass for Cattle

Matron Maggie in the ‘Kanga’

Local Girl Collecting Water

Beautifully Derelict

The Local ‘Shoe Shop

Counting the Collection, Kimundo Village Church

‘Aunty’ Jackie in the Kitenge

Matron Maggie in the Kanga

The Road to Kimundo



Sunday Best

Local Coffee Beans

Girls in Their Kitenges

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