Financial clarity is important in any industry, no more so than with the NGO sector. This is why we are clear on where we find our income and where it goes afterwards. Sustainability of funding is the most challenging part for long term planning, however, it’s equally important to find funds ‘as and when needed’. For these reasons and more, we have divided up our funding into three parts:

Rafiki (Child Sponsorship Fund)

Tibu (Medical Fund)

Matunda (School & Orphanage Fund)

You will be able to find out more about these individual funds and how to support us under our ‘donate’ page.

The most enjoyable way of funding a project such as ours is through organising fundraising! We have had many supporters over the years initiating the most extraordinary of events from ‘swimathons’, mountain climbing to gala dinners! All of the money raised is still evident in our school today, from washing machines to the class buildings themselves and we cannot thank you enough.

Sustainability however, is a vital part of our financial plan and for this reason we are lucky enough to be supported by The Cicely Foundation in the UK. The Cicely Foundation is a UK charity organising events for a wide range of charitable causes across Europe and Tanzania. The money from them, only arises however through the generous donations of its supporters. To find out more about how to help our relationship with them, please visit their website at

The other part of our sustainable income is through our volunteer programme. We couldn’t operate without the amazing help of our volunteers who often visit us on more than one occasion! We would love to have everyone stay free-of-charge forever but understand that this is an impossible dream. Therefore, we carefully stipulate our pricing structure to allow for an affordable stay whilst feeding back into the project from which we work.

The sixth and final part of our income comes from our cultural tourism projects run under Peace Matunda Cultural Tourism. These we run throughout the year employing highly experienced guides and workers from the local community. We have over twenty years of experience within the cultural tourism sector and offer a range of activities from mountain hiking to safaris with a portion of the profits going back into the Peace Matunda project. To find out more please visit the tourism page of our website.

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