Mission Statement

In 2012 Peace Matunda was registered with the Government of Tanzania to gain official ‘school’ status.

Registration Details:

Peace Matunda Pre-school Registration number: AR.01/7/E.A.007

Peace Matunda Primary School Registration number: AR/01/7/007


It is our aim to always run as a not-for-profit organisation but to find out more about our Ethos and Mission Statement read below.

The Government’s millennium goal states that all children of school age must be educated by 2025. As the population grows, so in turn does the demand for education and thus, makes the need to reach this goal, all the more demanding.

Peace Matunda School is committed to offering a holistic education, focusing on the mental, spiritual, physical and social faculties of a child. This type of education, we believe, will enable students to excel in academics and be responsible and self-reliant citizens.

Our objectives are to:

  • Help achieve the millennium goal through educational opportunities in the Arusha area.
  • Create a sense of entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, project formulation, implementation and monitoring.
  • Create employment opportunities in the surrounding Arusha area.
  • Develop children’s talent and creativity.
  • Impart quality education proportional to National and International standards at an affordable cost.
  • Build a national identity: help the children impart and cherish the Tanzanian culture.
  • Education for service: students, especially standards, IV – VII will be required to participate in various community services including:

Conducting Health & Hygiene talks on:

  1. Cholera
  2. HIV / AIDS
  3. Use of clean and safe water
  4. Drug abuse / addictive habits e.g. smoking and drinking

Management and conservation of the environment to include:

  1. Reforestation
  2. Soil conservation
  3. Pollution control
  4. Preserving water sources
  5. Preserving plants (flora and forna) and animal species

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