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Karibu to the staff page!

Here you will find a full listing of all our permanent staff at Peace Matunda. All our staff are dedicated to both the children and projects within the Meru community. Management are all with us voluntarily and are committed to providing a bright future for the Peace Matunda project.


Unambwe Kaaya ‘aka’ Kaaya is the Founder and Director of the Peace Matunda Organisation.Email:
Aggrey Mawerere is the Head Teacher of Peace Matunda School. In addition o taking on all of the school’s responsibilities, he teaches Science, Geography and English in upper level classes.


Martha Emanuel is the assistant Head teacher. She also teaches English, Kiswahili, and social studies.
Silas Naftal Swai is in charge of academics in Peace Matunda School. He also teaches Social Studies.
Leah Willium Molinka is the Assistant Academic Teacher. She also teaches English and Mathematics.
Naomi Alex Ndosi is the Baby Class teacher. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education.


Joyce Edward Sanaek teaches Kiswahili in class 3 and 4, civics in class 3 and 6, I.C.T., in class 1, 2, and 3.


Mary Fred Moshi is a mathematics and science teacher for class 2, and geography teacher for class 3 and 4. 


Ramadhan Twaha Mushi teaches class 7 and Kiswahili and civics in upper level classes.


Dora Gideon
Dora Gideon has a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She teaches both ‘Baby Class’ and ‘Kindergarten’. Dora is also the Staff Welfare Mistress and the Games and Sports Mistress for the girls.
Anna Abraham is the class 1 teacher.


Joyce Shirima teaches history, civics, v. skills, and P.D.S.
Ombeni John Nnko teaches class 2.
Grace Willison
Grace Willison aka “Mama Bahati” is responsible for keeping the school clean.
Zephania Wariamamgi is the project driver.

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