Child Safeguarding

Supporting Education & Child Welfare in Tanzania

Our Child Safeguarding Policy

We are convinced that children have a right to a safe and secure environment. We want to guarantee that every child who attends our facility is protected from any form of abuse, neglect or exploitation. We are determined to take all necessary measures to achieve this goal. Our Child Safeguarding Policy reflects Peace Matunda´s commitment to first prevent harm and abuse, and then report and respond whenever concerns arise. It applies to staff, representatives and third parties, who come into contact with children or impact them. The Child Safeguarding Policy defines clear rules of conduct and responsibilities as well as functioning, transparent control and complaints mechanisms. The Child Safeguarding Policy is an integral part of our work. We have introduced a process that enables regular review and evaluation to ensure that our efforts are effective and continuously improved. In addition, the children at Peace Matunda are involved in the process, giving them a voice.

Member of Keeping Children Safe

We are a member of the Keeping Children Safe organization to ensure the protection and well-being of the children who attend our facility. We are committed to continually improving our skills and knowledge in the field of child protection, and KCS offers us access to training, resources, and established procedures that will help us enhance our efforts continually.


Thank you for making us smile!

No matter whether you help us with your donation, come over and connect with the children, take responsibility for a child sponsorship or travel with us – every initiative of yours helps us moving forward and making the world a better place for the kids that live with us or visit out school. – Kaaya