Student Sponsorship

Supporting Education & Child Welfare in Tanzania

Thank you!

You can sponsor a student at Peace Matunda School for as little as $25USD per month! When you sponsor a student, your donation goes toward teacher salaries, exercise books, pencils, as well as snacks and lunches.

Our sponsorship program differs from many others in that school attendance comes first and sponsorship comes second. We are committed to providing adequate resources for each child at Peace Matunda and allocating them according to need so that no child is left behind.

Many students come from small, one room, or unfinished homes, and have families that struggle to support them. They might not get adequate food, clothing, and health care. Other children who attend Peace Matunda are from typical family environments within the area, mostly reliant on farming income to support an average family size of 5 or 6.


With your generous donation you will receive:

An email confirming your sponsorship
A picture of your sponsored child 


If you have any questions or wish to sponsor a child, please contact


Thank you for making us smile!

No matter whether you help us with your donation, come over and connect with the children, take responsibility for a child sponsorship or travel with us – every initiative of yours helps us moving forward and making the world a better place for the kids that live with us or visit out school. – Kaaya