Amani House Sponsorship

$150 per month The Amani House sponsorship has been designed specifically for our 23 resident children at Peace Matunda in order to provide holistic support including; shelter, food and water, clothing, education, and a safe home environment. Our resident children are from a variety of backgrounds but are classified as orphans by the Tanzanian government having all lost one or more of their parents. Peace Matunda provides a home to these children and supports all of their mental, spiritual, physical and social needs. Our goal is to have each child living at Amani House sponsored at $150 USD per month in order to sustain the cost of running the Amani House. As the sole providers for these children is it important that Peace Matunda not only think about their current welfare but also considering their future welfare and needs. For this reason we have added the Post Peace Matunda Fund to the Amani House child sponsorship program. The Post Peace Matunda Fund has been designed to cater for the future educational costs of the child. The fund will automatically save a contribution from monthly sponsorship for the child’s subsequent four-your secondary education; each month 30% of your sponsorship ($45) will be put into a savings account for your sponsored child to be used for their secondary education. Each year sponsors will receive an updated statement on the balance of the Post Peace Matunda Savings Fund for your specific child. While the Post Peace Matunda Fund will contribute to the costs of secondary school many boarding facilities will cost upwards of $1000 per year. Sponsors are under no obligation to continue sponsorship after the child leaves Peace Matunda, nor is there a formal ‘written contract’ to determine the length of your commitment. Due to the fragile and uncertain nature of most children’s futures within education after they leave Peace Matunda, we do try to match sponsors who demonstrate a continued interest in long term support, with those children who will need it most. We ask that you try to let us know 3 months in advance if you wish to cancel your sponsorship of a child so that we may find a new one.     We are still seeking sponsorship for 14 of the Amani House Children: To see our children, just click on their photos!



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Dickson, 9                                   Maria, 9                               Gladness, 9

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Editha, 10                                       Dorah, 10                                    Leah, 10

???????????????????????????????       ???????????????????????????????       ???????????????????????????????       livingstone

Agape, 10                                  Naomi, 10                         Happiness, 11                      Livingstone, 11


Lovin, 14

Thank you to the following sponsors who currently support the children at Amani House: Heather Campbell sponsor of Dorice Lomnyaki, Albrecht Schmidt and FPMT sponsors of Magreth Lomnyaki, Maria Huges  and Fred sponsors of Godwin Justin, Billy and Kate Cliffin, Yve Lee and Anthony Salinger sponsors of Doricas Godwin, Eberhard and Ingrid Kuhnle sponsors of Shila Komolonik, Mariska Bassie sponsor of Farajeal Ainea and Alex Forgeth, Des and Emma Hill sponsors of Mery Peterson, Gill Cameron sponsor of Jesca Gotlef, Silke Ulmer,Oliver Ulmer,Silke Thiele,Michael Kroeger, Heike Peters and christoph Mueller sponsors of Eunice John, Leanne Russ sponsor of Godson Silvery,Kathryn Schmiedicke sponsor of George Haule, Andrew Gaskill sponsor of Dickon Moses. Please see the Rafiki Page for more information on Child Sponsorship.

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